The Clarion-Ledger, 3/26/9

Sen. John Horhn, a Democratic candidate for mayor of Jackson, has been chronically late in paying his property and personal income taxes, records show.

But Horhn, one of 17 candidates for mayor, is not the only one with blemishes. Incumbent Mayor Frank Melton, also a Democrat, has had his wages garnished for an unpaid bill and other candidates have been sued for bad debts in the past, according to a check of public records by The Clarion-Ledger.

Documents show Horhn has been late in paying his taxes for years, resulting in the state placing liens on his north Jackson home at least 11 times since 1995.

Horhn’s problems paying his property taxes on his home were equally common. Since 1996, he has been late at least 11 times, several times redeeming his property after it was sold at the courthouse.

“I’m late sometimes paying my bills. I’m sorry for that, but in the end I pay my taxes. I pay the interest, and I pay the penalties,” he said.