Some debuts go under the radar thanks to ACC’s performance

In the Big East, where No. 25 Pittsburgh and Syracuse collapsed in the fourth quarter and lost their games, they are saying it.
In College Station, where Texas A&M fans are still trying to figure out who that team from Arkansas was and why they didn’t call them the Hogs, they are saying it.
And at the other Arkansas, where they do call them the Hogs — and what they called them Saturday night when they nearly lost to Western Illinois, you don’t want to know — they are saying it.
The refrain of every team that had a bad opening week: Thank God for the ACC.
The Absent Credibility Conference had the worst opening since “Moose Murders,” the legendary 1983 one-nighter by which all Broadway flops are measured. Investors in the ACC don’t have the option of closing the football season, so fans must take solace in the coaching bromide that video shows that you’re never as good or as bad as it seemed at the time.