Early voting could make you a liar in Mississippi

Mississippi lawmakers this year rejected a proposal to stop making liars of their fellow citizens, at least when it comes to early voting.

Current state law allows any registered voter who is disabled or at least 65 years old to cast an absentee ballot before election day. Anyone else needs an excuse, such as being out of town on election day, to vote early by absentee….

…“Well, we know they’re not going to be out of the county, not all of them,” Hosemann said. “So, what we were doing is asking our voters, our electorate, to lie when they came to cast their ballot.”

House Bill 796 would have allowed no-excuses early voting at circuit clerks’ offices starting 14 days before each election. The bill passed the House on a bipartisan vote of 117-2, but it died in the Senate Elections Committee.

Daily Journal