SoundOff – Gene Taylor votes with GOP so often he should run as one

Gene Taylor is a good man This is in response to “Disappointed in town hall meeting.” Gene Taylor is a personal friend of mine, and he does take care of business. He talks to the issue at hand that’s brought up to him. So you don’t need to be bashing him. If you think you don’t like him, then vote the other way. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to sound mean. Gene Taylor’s a good man; that’s why he’s been in office so long, like Trent Lott.

Forget politics, do what’s right When are people going to realize that this health care program is not about the people of this country? It’s about the Democrats and the Republicans. As far as the comment about Gene Taylor voting as a Democrat, I’m a Republican, and I vote for Gene Taylor. And if that person were intelligent enough to watch TV, you would hear where Gene Taylor said he wasn’t voting for the health care bill. We need to forget the politics and do what’s right for the people.

Check Taylor’s voting record The person that said Gene Taylor is a Democrat first and would vote with the Democrats must have not kept up with his voting record because Gene Taylor runs Democrat, but he votes Republican every time. He needs to run Republican.

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