Sources: Roger Clemens got HGH in mail from Kirk Radomski

Confessed drug supplier Kirk Radomski has provided documentary evidence to the government showing that he shipped drugs to the Texas home of Roger Clemens, who is under investigation for perjury after telling Congress he never used steroids or human growth hormone.
According to sources with close knowledge of the investigation, Radomski has discovered shipping receipts for a package of two kits of human growth hormone that he sent in late 2002 or 2003 to Clemens at the pitcher’s palatial mansion in Houston. Radomski is believed to have also provided the government with new information and receipts for drug shipments to other players.
Radomski, who received a five-year probation sentence in February after cooperating with government investigators, recently informed the feds about the materials. The Justice Department is continuing its investigation in New York as well as in Texas and Florida.
The Clemens package was addressed to William Roger Clemens, in care of Brian McNamee, according to the sources, who said that McNamee did not sign for the package.
According to the sources, the timing of the shipment to Clemens’ home coincides roughly with the dates when Clemens’ wife, Debbie, used human growth hormone in preparation for her participation in a pictorial in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. They also expect the evidence to corroborate McNamee’s claims that Clemens was behind his wife’s use and was present when McNamee injected her just after the drugs arrived at the couple’s home.
Clemens has denied under oath using human growth hormone, or having any prior knowledge that his wife was going to use HGH. The Daily News was the first to report in February that Debbie Clemens received at least one injection of the drug from McNamee.