Over the weekend, the following ad was run in the Sun Herald, Clarion Ledger and the Daily Journal by a group called the Ministerial Alliance Partnership (MAP). The group, according to one of its members, Pastor Eric Dickey, is an ad-hoc collection of concerned clergy involved with youth, community and job training issues in South Mississippi.

The clergy listed include Pastor Kenneth Davis, Pastor Eric Dickey, Pastor Gerry James, Pastor Calvin Newsom, Pastor Alphonzo Lewis, Pastor Caleb Shelby, Pastor Rossie Francis, Pastor Dennis Stevenson, Pastor Arthur Stiggers, Pastor Eddie Hartwell & Pastor Larry Hawkins. The ad is targeted to the MS Public Service Commission to “enter the negotiations on the final settlement regarding Kemper keeping in mind we regard Mississippi Power as a vital partner in our community.” It makes it’s case that Kemper has been good for the state and asks that the PSC decision be reached “without malice.”

The ads were placed by a Jackson based advocacy consulting group called Strategic Systems, Inc. Tom Hood with that organization confirmed to Y’all Politics that he simply placed the ad at the behest of the group.

Strategic Systems and MAP do have some history with Mississippi Power. In April of this year, they delivered job/skills training to high school students on the Gulf Coast in a joint partnership.

As for funding, Pastor Dickey said that the ad buy was not funded by Mississippi Power. Rather he said, the funds used were provided by individual members of MAP.