Ronnie Shows: Indecisive White House Imperils Democrats in 2014

Just a few months ago, after House Republicans held the entire nation hostage over the ill conceived and poorly executed government shutdown, it seemed like Democrats were a lock to keep the Senate and maybe even win a majority in the House of Representatives. But times have changed. Control of Congress is now in jeopardy for Democrats in the midterm elections because Republicans may be able to successfully convince the electorate that the Obama administration can’t stick by a decision or policy. If the voters agree with this troubling narrative, Republicans may make gains on Capitol Hill despite their inability to pass meaningful legislation or even keep the government open.

The most obvious example of the White House’s indecisiveness has been the Obamacare rollout debacle — that has already pushed back a few major components of President Barack Obama’s signature law. Another example that hasn’t made national headlines but is yet another occurrence of the White House’s indecisiveness is the administration’s recent decision to cut the amount of biodiesel produced in the United States next year.

Ronnie Shows