Head-to-head analysis of candidates overwhelmingly favors Thad Cochran

I believe Senator Thad Cochran has earned the reputation of “distinguished statesman.”

He is wise and honorable, a man of his word. His Republican credentials are impeccable. I also believe Mississippians are a practical people. We want to know what will be different after the election. So what results should we expect going forward? Please consider Thad vs. his opponent, head-to-head.

Prayer in school: No difference.

Guns: No difference. NRA endorsed Thad.

Obamacare: No difference

Shipbuilding jobs: Will the next U.S. war ship be built at Ingalls, Mississippi’s largest private employer, or in another state? Ten thousand jobs depend on the answer. Advantage Cochran

Military jobs: Biloxi, Vicksburg, Meridian, Hattiesburg — who understands and has the influence and experience to sustain these jobs? Senator Cochran wins this one with ease.

Land use: If you want to hunt on it, farm it, grow trees on it, conserve it, or keep the government away from it, Thad understands the issues and will support you just like he always has. Another win for Cochran

Balanced Federal budget: Thad balanced the budget before and he can do it again as the economy gets better. For him, it’s much more than a promise. He’s done it. No contest. Cochran is the winner.

Federal grants: For many grants, it’s not a matter of if the money will be spent, it’s a matter of where it will be spent. If you want research grants to come to Mississippi State or Ole Miss or Jackson State or Alcorn State or USM, Thad’s your man.

Disaster response: Unfortunately, tornados and hurricanes will strike again. This one is not for the timid or faint of heart. Thad understands how to help us help ourselves.

General election: Who stands the best chance of winning the general election? This may be the biggest issue of all. Slogans and demagoguery won’t be enough. I believe Cochran is the only candidate who can breeze through the general election.

I wish there wasn’t a bunch of out-of-state folks trying to tell us to vote for someone else. Even though they’re the big spenders, I believe Senator Thad Cochran is the clear and obvious choice for Mississippi.

Steve Renfroe

Moss Point