Claude McInnis, Chair of the Jackson Democratic Executive Committee sent a letter to Dr. Lelia Gaston Rhodes, Head of the Hinds County Election Commission, basically saying “stay out of our face”. As we at YallPolitics predicted, 20 years of bad blood in the local Democratic party are spilling onto the stage.

Here’s the letter. It states in part . . .

The truth of the matter is Mayor Frank Melton’s name is not on the ballot at the present time. The Democratic Municipal Executive Committee did not certify him. Thus, this name can not be on the ballot.

The larger issue is the Hinds County Election Commission has not been designated as spokesman for the Democratic Municipal Executive Committee. This creates confusion. The impression one could gain is that the Municipal Executive Committee is not in charge of this election. It is in charge.

In the future any and all inquiries from the press or and (sic) anyone else concerning the May 5 Democratic Primary should be referred to the Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee.

Hattip to the Clarion Ledger for posting the letter.