Gallo Thursday Lineup-
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7:05 Governor Haley Barbour-InDaHouse. It’s “Fish or Cut Bait” time. Every teacher, Medicaid recipient, and state agency are waiting for the legislators to reach a fiscally sound decision. As a concerned citizen and taxpayer, if you have a question that needs an answer, no need to call the Gov’s office….get on the phone and ask him yourself.

8:05 Republican Party Chairman Brad White-After the revelations on morning show, McCoy ditches Dedeaux as a Conferee. Brad White joins me at 8:05.

8:30 Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. Wat’s Dis Maan….Jamaican gangs target Americans with lottery scams?????
Gallo – “Metro Hour” (Check your local affilate for each hometown interview for the Thursday 9 till 10 lineup.)

9:05 John Reeves, attorney for the late Frank Melton-Clips of the late Frank Melton’s last interview on the Gallo Show.

9:45 Harvey Johnson, Jackson mayoral candidate-Headed into the June General, former Mayor Johnson could become the second three term mayor.

Gallo Rewind- Paul Gallo

House Speaker Billy McCoy has removed Representative Dirk Dedeaux as a Conferee on the Medicaid issue.
McCoy gives interview to DJ’s Bobby Harrison. Harrison (rumored to be replacing Mac Gordon as PR guy for the House upon Gordon’s retirement) does a puff piece that’s Pro-House. The article blast Sen. Nunnelee for not being available on Sat. or Monday.

We learned on the Gallo Show this morning that McCoy’s own Chairman of Medicaid, Chairman Dedeaux was SIGNED IN AS PRESENT, (i.e. on the payroll,) but was AT DISNEYWORLD!!!!!
In this morning’s Session, McCoy has named Robert Johnson of Natchez as the new Conferee in Dedeaux’s absence. Apparently the infraction is not enough to remove him from the Chairmanship of the important Medicaid Committee.

One other note. In McCoy’s latest Press Release we vividly see the reason for the stalemate. The Gov and the Senate’s position is to be frugal and use the Rainy Day Fund and other available dollars to weather the storm for the next two to three fiscal years.

The House, under the guidance of Speaker McCoy and his assigned Chairmen, want to use everything now and pray later. In McCoy’s own words, “We learn from the Scriptures that ‘each day will take care of itself’ and our citizens need this healthcare shelter now.”

Now in a Natalie Chandler blog, Mr. McCoy attacks me by saying, “I don’t give a damn what Paul Gallo says about anything. Zero.” I hope the Speaker cares what the callers are saying!

Here’s blog
Budget Negotiators Shakeup; Dedeaux Out, Nunnelee Next?
Posted 5/27/2009 11:51 AM CDT on

House Medicaid Committee Chairman Dirk Dedeaux, D-Perkinston, is off the House’s negotiating team, House Speaker Billy McCoy said today. Dedeaux is in DisneyWorld on a family trip that he said he planned three months ago. Contacted by phone, he said his deskmate punched him in as “Present” yesterday. After a radio report on the Paul Gallo show this morning, Dedeaux said he called the House clerk’s office to remind them that he was out of town and should not be paid the $109 per day that legislators receive.

House Speaker Billy McCoy, D-Rienzi, sounded angry about the radio report. Questioned about it, he said, “I don’t give a damn what Paul Gallo says about anything. Zero.” McCoy said that Dedeaux’s spot was replaced by House Medicaid Committee Vice Chairman Robert Johnson at about 8am this morning. McCoy said he meant to do it yesterday.

House members routinely punch their deskmates in as “Present” or vote for them if they’re not at their desks. Earlier this year, Rep. Michael Janus, R-Biloxi, was counted as “Present” while he was on the Coast. Janus later said he would not be paid for the day.

Meanwhile there may be a movement in the Senate to change that chamber’s negotiating team. Sen. Bob Dearing, D-Natchez, questioned the process before the Senate recessed this morning. Some lawmakers suspect that political aspirations are helping stall budget negotiations, i.e. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Alan Nunnelee, R-Tupelo, eyeing a run in the 1st Congressional District. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, a future candidate in the Republican primary for governor, dismissed those suggestions yesterday as “rumors.”

(check Natalie’s blog for more updates)