Gunn: Mississippi Republicans need to heal rift

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Republican Party needs to heal divisions created by a hard-fought U.S. Senate primary that is still being protested by tea party conservatives, House Speaker Philip Gunn said Thursday.

“The enemy is not other conservatives. The enemy is not even the Democratic Party,” Gunn, R-Clinton, said at the Neshoba County Fair. “The enemy is out-of-control spending, government dependency, poor education, attacks on our religious freedoms, attacks on your right to bear arms…. We need to bind together and unify ourselves and fight against these issues and not each other.”…

…Bryant told reporters later Thursday that he has not spoken to McDaniel since the runoff, but said he’d be willing to have a conversation. The governor has long received support from tea party groups, but he angered some by endorsing Cochran….

…”This Republican Party is still united and will be,” Bryant told reporters.