Legislative Luncheon with Philip Gunn

The Gulf Coast received a visit from Speaker of the Mississippi House Representative Philip Gunn.

Gunn has been a state legislator since 2005, taking over as Speaker of the House in 2012. He is the first Republican to serve as speaker of the Mississippi House since 1876.

Today, Gunn addressed the Gulf Coast business community on what the Republican Party has accomplished over the past few years. …

…“Over the last four years, we’ve given $9.5 billion dollars to education. That is the largest amount of money ever given in any four year term in the history of our state. So, Republicans are delivering on the promises that we’ve made,” said Gunn.

With November elections approaching, Gunn gave a piece of advice to those in attendance as they head to the polls. “I think voters need to contemplate seriously on whom they want to lead and if they want to be a part of the conversation, because Republicans are leading. If you choose to send a Democrat to Jackson, then you are basically choosing not to participate in the discussion,” Gunn said.