Gunn: Let state voters decide on state flag

JACKSON – Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn, who became the first prominent Republican last summer to call for Mississippi to remove the Confederate battle emblem from its flag, said Monday that if the flag design is going to be reconsidered, it should be put on a statewide ballot just as it was 15 years ago.

“People voted on it in 2001. I don’t think it’s right for us to undo what they did,” Gunn told reporters at the Capitol. “The people should decide for themselves.”…

…Gunn said Monday that he has been working to see if at least half of the 122 House members can agree on a flag bill. Republicans hold a three-fifths majority. Asked if he expects consensus, Gunn said: “I doubt it. I don’t know. Give me until tomorrow and we’ll see.”

Most, but not all, House Democrats support removing the Confederate emblem from the flag, said House Democratic Leader David Baria of Bay St. Louis.