RELEASE: Current JLBC Chairman Speaker Philip Gunn to Host Press Conference Releasing Statewide Strategic Plan

JACKSON, Miss.—As current Chairman of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), Speaker of the House Philip Gunn will host a press conference to release the Statewide Strategic Plan for a new budget proposal, “Building A Better Mississippi.” The press conference will occur Thursday, July 24, at 1:30 on the Second Floor Rotunda in the State Capitol.

Speaker Gunn will be joined by subcommittee members Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, Senate Appropriations Chairman Sen. Buck Clarke, President Pro Tempore Sen. Terry Brown, House Appropriations Chairman Rep. Herb Frierson, Speaker Pro Tempore Rep. Greg Snowden and Director of Mississippi Legislative Budget Office Debbie Rubisoff.

The JLBC will hold its initial series of meetings at the end of September to assess state agency needs. Fourteen members comprise this committee: seven from the House of Representatives and seven from the Senate. This is a bipartisan committee made up members chosen by the Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor. Speaker Gunn and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves alternate chairing the committee.