While Snowden believes the flag should come down, he cautioned that some are using the Charleston tragedy to promote an agenda to rewrite history.

“(They) are making it difficult to have a reasonable dialogue about our state flag,” Snowden said. “Denigrating war memorials or otherwise erasing all reminders of our Confederate past is a non-starter for responsible Mississippians of all races and persuasions. My ancestors fought for the South because that’s what Mississippi asked them to do; that’s not treason, that’s patriotism. Their service and sacrifice is as fully deserving of reverent commemoration as that of all veterans of any of America’s wars.

“Mississippians of good will must lead on the issue of what to do, if anything, about the state flag. Whatever an official state flag looks like, most people probably would agree that it should inspire unity, and not division. We all must learn to listen to each other on this issue.”