Spread offense is helping the little guy thrive

It comes packaged in a variety of sexy nicknames: air raid … attack offense … pistol offense … spread-flex … basketball on grass.
In these preseason days of hopes and Bowl Championship Series dreams, however, the mad scientists behind the spread of the spread offense in college football are all banking on the same bottom line: The up-tempo, no-huddle, skill-oriented, pass-happy, fan-friendly offense will be The Great Equalizer for the have-nots of the game.
The offense, hardly new but spreading like wildfire, played a key role in the 2007 season of upsets, kicked off by Appalachian State’s shocker at Michigan and punctuated by West Virginia’s embarrassment of Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

Now, it’s all the rave across the college football landscape, THE blueprint for leveling the playing field against the likes of LSU, Ohio State, Southern California and Georgia.