Spring’s biggest winners and losers- College Football
Calling a spring game “football” is like saying reality television is steeped in reality. The quarterback is largely off limits to defenders, the score doesn’t count and if you’re Ohio State, you even let the likes of former stars Cris Carter and Mike Tomczak help call the shots as honorary coaches. The glorified scrimmages often seem like fun and games, but let’s be clear: Spring games and spring practices do ultimately have very real consequences.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the spring’s biggest winners and losers — both for their on-and-off the field exploits.

Bo Pelini, Nebraska: Last year it was Nick Saban, but the toast of this spring was unquestionably Pelini. Cornhuskers fans are clamoring for any sign of the program moving in a positive direction following the stagnant Bill Callahan era, which is why a record 80,149 filled Memorial Stadium for the Red-White Game (25,869 more than last year’s spring game).