SRHS Retirees Say One County Worker is a Conflict of Interest

At today’s Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting, the retirees asked for one county worker to step down, citing a conflict of interest, but the supervisors disagreed.
Through a series of appeals and eleventh hour extensions, the retirees have managed to stay one step ahead of the hospital board and a cancelled pension. Today, they took aim at someone they feel wasn’t looking out for them, Board Attorney Paula Yancey. The retirees say she should step down because of her ties with the hospital.
“If her friends are still with the hospital, influencing her to tell the supervisors, telling them what they can and can’t do pertaining to the supervisors, so she needs to step down,” said Eddie Manning, a husband of an SRHS retiree.
Yancey’s Chancery Judge Campaign Manager and Treasurer still work for Singing River, but county supervisors say there is no conflict.
“Mr. Guice represents the board on hospital issues. The person brought up about the conflict doesn’t represent the board on hospital issues,” said Barry Cumbest, Jackson County board of supervisors’ director, district 1.
The board discussed the issue in executive session and determined no action should be taken, but retirees still feel ignored.