Stabilizing force…for Coll Fball fans

The walls on Frank Spaziani’s new office remain barren, the floor littered with cardboard boxes he moved from down the hall on the third floor of Boston College’s Yawkey Athletic Center. The room feels big to him, a bit strange and difficult to get used to. He is uncertain how and when he will decorate. “It’s a little pretentious,” Spaziani said. “Maybe I can get settled in.”

For almost 40 years, Spaziani had been comfortable working in cramped assistant coaching offices, adhering to what a coach told him long ago: Do your job, do your job, do your job, and something good will happen. Most people get what they deserve. Spaziani recalled those words often. It was the first thing he thought after he became the head coach at BC Jan. 13, the position he wanted more than anything else.