I am not one to “endorse” candidates, though I usually don’t leave much doubt about where I see things. Quite candidly, I don’t think me doing it would mean a whole lot. I also try not to do to much “Jackson stuff” on YP because our audience is truly statewide. However, this vote on Tuesday in Ward 1’s Jackson City Council special election means a lot to the city and hence to the state. Since I can’t vote for Quentin Whitwell, all I can do is support him (which I have) and urge friends to vote for him.

Someone whose endorsement would mean something is Haley Barbour’s. Today, many North Jacksonians will hear this message.

Quentin has a lot of support from the business community and neighborhood associations. I know from knowing him that he’s real serious about building some concensus both within his ward and with other elected officials. Electing Quentin isn’t going to magically make things better in the 3 ring circus that is Jackson City Hall. He would simply be a solid replacement to Jeff Weill, who served with distinction. However, not showing up and by some cruel twist of fate have Patricia Ice as Ward 1’s city councilwoman would, in my opinion, make things instantly and possibly irrevocably worse.

It’s one election that Jacksonians don’t need to screw around with or assume that someone else will vote the way you want. Go Vote Tuesday. This one is important.