Starkville Daily News: McDaniel: Cochran is a big, old meanie (transcribed from print addition)

U.S. Senate hopeful Chris McDaniel came to Starkville Thursday “to make himself available to the press” at Bank First on Russell Street.

And by “make himself available to the press,” I mean McDaniel was physically there, members of the media were indeed present, as well, and the Republican challenger certainly said his peace. To his credit, he actually fielded a few questions, too. He didn’t answer any of them, but he did manage to stay in character during a 20-minute session that was so televangelistic in nature that I was somewhat shocked he didn’t line us all up and try to faith-heal our ailments. If Twitter is any indicator, he’s served reporters statewide more of the same on his “meet the press” tour….

…So what were the highlights of what was promised to be an “open and honest” conversation with the press on hand? Well, Thad Cochran’s a big, fat meanie; Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is the ruination of all things; McDaniel’s wife is a teacher; Obamacare must die; the Department of Education needs to be broken into a block grant program with minimal staffing and accountability that varies from state-to-state; McDaniel’s wife is a REALLY GOOD teacher; and Congress needs term limits chiefly because Thad Cochran is a big, fat, OLD, meanie. Then he left, quite smugly I might add, as if he had endowed us with the very spirit of light, as well as the knowledge of good and evil….

Zack Plair, editor

Starkville Daily News