State Auditor Arrests and Issues Demands Against Former Mississippi Department of Transportation Employees

JACKSON, Miss. – Special Agents from the State Auditor’s Office and Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Enforcement arrested former MDOT employees, Clyde Poole, Jr., 28, of Batesville; Connie Shegog, 30, of Batesville; and Torrie Willey, 36, of Batesville, after they were each indicted on one count of embezzlement by a Panola County Grand Jury.

In addition to today’s arrests, Poole was issued a demand in the amount of $1,394.51, Shegog was issued a demand in the amount of $12,751.02, and Willey was issued a demand in the amount of $101.36.

The Auditor’s Office received a complaint from MDOT that there were individuals misusing the Fuelman cards. The investigation shows that Poole and Shegog were using MDOT Fuelman cards to purchase fuel for semi-truck drivers. Often times, Shegog used his Fuelman card to purchase gas for a privately owned semi-truck and then collect cash from the truck’s driver. In addition to purchasing fuel for truck drivers, Poole, Shegog, and Willey used MDOT’s Fuelman cards to purchase fuel for their personal vehicles.

“I would like to thank MDOT for working closely with my office on this case,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering. “I hope we are beginning to send a strong message, that anyone who misuses taxpayer funds will be held accountable for their actions.”

“MDOT discovered violations involving use of state funds through internal controls and immediately began an investigation that included a report of the incident to the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor,” said Melinda McGrath, MDOT executive director. “The Auditor’s office, working with MDOT Enforcement, began to build a case based on this report.”

“We appreciate the State Auditor and his team, and fully support the actions they are taking in this matter,” McGrath said. “MDOT does not tolerate the misuse of taxpayer dollars.”

Shegog and Willey both resigned from MDOT in September, while Poole left before being identified in the investigation.