State Auditor Pickering aids seizure victim in front of the Capitol

A pedestrian walking on the sidewalk in front of the state Capitol on High Street on Friday had what appeared to be a seizure as State Auditor Stacey Pickering was leaving his office.

Pickering stopped his car, and he and another passerby came to the man’s aid and called for help. As they waited for an ambulance, Pickering and the woman helped stabilize the man, who was hitting his head on the sidewalk from the seizure.

“It appeared he was having a grand mal seizure,” said Pickering, a captain in the Air National Guard and former volunteer firefighter who has had some emergency medical training. “The woman and I – I wish I had gotten her name – stabilized his head so he wouldn’t hurt himself any more and tried to keep him from passing out or going into shock.

Clarion Ledger