State Auditor’s office sends a response team to Madison County to look at Warnock and Associate Contracts

The Flora Harvester has been informed that State Auditor Stacey Pickering’s office has dispatched a team of 6 auditors as part of the offices Audit Response Team to Madison County today. The team is reportedly looking into contracts the county has with Warnock and Associates Engineering.

Warnock has been under fire from elected officials Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler and Supervisor D.I. Smith, as well as a chorus of county residents turned activists. All have been calling for an audit from the state to uncover what they believe to be a fiscally irresponsible arrangement between Warnock and three of the five Supervisors. Efforts to release subcontracts Warnock says were approved by the Board of Supervisors have met with stiff resistance from Supervisor’s Tim Johnson, Karl Banks and Paul Griffin, while being supported by Supervisor’s John Bell Crosby and the aforementioned Smith.

Flora Harvester