State editorial roundup — Audits should be mandatory, Manning case

The following are a collection of editorials from the last week published in Mississippi newspapers.

Audits should be mandatory
Every government agency and program in every state ought to be required to use a portion of its own budget to pay for an independent audit of its finances. In Mississippi, each city and county must pay for an annual audit out of its own revenue.

So why not require each state agency to do the same?


Testing should be done in Manning case
Mississippi was scheduled on Tuesday to execute Willie Manning for the murder of two Mississippi State University students more than 20 years ago.

The victims, Tiffany Miller and Jon Steckler, were kidnapped, driven to a remote location where Miller was raped, and then shot to death. It was a cold-blooded, inhumanly cruel deed.

The alleged perpetrator is no choir boy either. Not only has Manning been convicted of these murders, but he has also received a death sentence for the slayings of two Starkville women that occurred a month after the MSU students were murdered.