The prospect of fame and fortune motivated former insurance adjusters Cori and Kerri Rigsby to accuse State Farm of defrauding policyholders after Hurricane Katrina, the insurance company says in court documents that include testimony from two of the Rigsbys’ former friends and co-workers.

The Rigsbys turned to nationally prominent attorney Dickie Scruggs in February 2006 with allegations that State Farm was trying to minimize what policyholders were owed for Katrina’s wind damage. In the late 1990s, Scruggs helped engineer settlements with tobacco companies, leading to a movie called “The Insider” and more than one book.

Two of their former co-workers on Katrina claims say the Rigsbys talked about landing a book deal and wondered who would play them in a movie. The co-workers, adjuster Tammy Hardison and her assistant, Dana Lee, said they observed no wrongdoing by State Farm while they adjusted Katrina claims.

Sun Herald