SGLF Launches Multi-Platform Ad Buy Promoting Commissioner Chaney’s Record of Success

Today, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) launched a multi-platform ad buy – including radio and digital – on the Mississippi Gulf Coast promoting state Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney’s extensive record of fighting to protect Gulf Coast residents. The ads will run for one week and serve to remind Mississippians of the steps Commissioner Chaney has taken while in office to look out for those in Mississippi who may need insurance protection the most.

“From opening a Gulf Coast office to better serve South Mississippi residents impacted by Hurricane Katrina to fighting to lower flood insurance costs, Commissioner Chaney has made protecting Mississippians a top priority during his time in office,” said SGLF Executive Director Matt Walter. “In a state where affordable, quality insurance coverage is so critical to all of its residents, the Magnolia State has an ally in Commissioner Chaney.”

Radio Script:
“When it comes to watching out for Mississippi families, Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney is getting the job done. By opening a Mississippi Insurance Department office on the Gulf Coast to serve thousands of residents devastated by Hurricane Katrina and fighting to lower insurance premiums and better protect the homes of thousands of recovering families. And when it comes to safeguarding our tax dollars and financial future, Commissioner Chaney has dedicated his career to doing just that by helping return nearly $16 million dollars to consumers in claims and premium payments and helping reduce auto insurance premiums by up to 20 percent. And when the Federal Government wanted to increase our flood insurance costs – Commissioner Chaney fought back until Congress passed a new law to reverse the higher costs. Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney – A resilient fighter who will keep protecting Mississippi. Paid for by the State Government Leadership Foundation.”

About the SGLF
The State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) spotlights hotbed issues and conservative policies that state government officials wrestle with most. For too long, out-of-touch leaders in the states have colluded with special interests to raise taxes, swell state budgets, and increase the size of government. The SGLF is taking the lead on educating elected and appointed state government officials, providing support to local officeholders, and highlighting meaningful, conservative solutions. The SGLF is a 501 (c)(4) social welfare organization and is a strategic partner of the Republican State Leadership Committee, one of the largest conservative caucuses in the country.