Bill Proposing $5M for City of Jackson

JACKSON, Miss. – More manpower for the Jackson Police Department could be in the future, if one legislator gets a bill passed to give the city of Jackson $5-million. The money would go towards hiring more police officers and buying new vehicles.

“We do not have the adequate number of police officers that we need for public safety as it relates to Jackson, which is the capital city,” says Representative Adrienne Wooten. She’s the author of House Bill 433 proposing millions to go to the Capital City. Currently the Jackson Police Department has 413 officers. We’re told they need 525….

…”It will take a lot of convincing to convince me that we should spend $5-million.” says Republican Representative John Moore. He serves on the House Appropriations Committee. Moore says he’s got some concerns with legislators getting involved in city business. “The only thing that scares me is if we, the Legislature, goes in to the business of giving cities for money for police and cars then every other city in the state will line up for their fair share,” explains Moore.