Monsour unofficially wins South Ward Alderman race

Republican candidate Alex Monsour has defeated incumbent Democratic candidate Willis Thompson in the race for Vicksburg South Ward Alderman, 942 to 934.

“It was very anxious,” Monsour said of waiting for the result. “I did this to do what’s right for the city and work fast and furious and put everything I’ve got into it to help the city get to the next level. I didn’t want to miss that opportunity.”…

…Monsour, the current State Representative for District 54, has served in the state legislature for 10 year and he said he plans to use the contacts he has made in Jackson to make improvements in Vicksburg….

…Monsour’s current term in the state legislature ends in 2019, and he said “that is probably so. I would imagine,” when asked if he planned to resign his seat.

Vicksburg Post