Supporters celebrate Moss Point native’s congressional run – The News for South Mississippi

The Moss Point native currently represents District 110, and will be able to keep his seat while running for federal office. The Democratic candidate says he’s running for higher office to tackle problems like poor schools, economic hardships, and government transparency.

“It’s all about getting folks involved, it’s all about being accountable to the folks you represent. That’s always been my motto, even in the state legislature, making sure folks understand what the mission is, what the goal is, and that everyone is working toward that goal,” said Anderson.”

He believes politicians aren’t doing enough to work together to solve the serious problems Mississippians face.

“In today’s society, even in the state legislature, partisanship has completely halted the progress for our country, for our state. My vision for this country, for this state, is where we’re all working together, “Anderson added. “I know that it’s a dream but it’s our job as public servants to make that dream a reality.”