Legislator tells Jackson County supervisors to let their attorney go

State Rep. Charles Busby, R-Pascagoula, went before the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and told them to end their relationship with Ocean Springs attorney Billy Guice, who is investigating the hospital system.

The county hired Guice months ago to find out why the county hospital pension plan failed and to look at hospital financials. Recently, Guice has spoken out about the ineffectiveness of a new open-hospital law that Busby had a hand in authoring.

Busby said he asked the board, “not to go hiring attorneys and forensic auditors and making defendants of yourself.”

But he said they did that anyway and suggested they look where it got them. He pointed out that they have spent more than $340,000 on attorneys fees with Guice.

But instead, the board made an additional move Monday to look into the county hospital system’s financial past.

The board voted to hire Rushing & Guice on a contingency basis — meaning it won’t cost the county anything unless the suit is successful — to sue KPMG, the accounting firm that handled the hospital system audits in 2009 through fiscal year 2012. KPMG also audited the SRHS pension fund in some of those years, in a separate audit, supervisors said in a statement explaining their action.