Lawmaker wants crackdown on uninsured motorists

The Legislature in 2017 is expected to again tackle an age-old problem: uninsured motorists on Mississippi roads.

“What we are hoping to do is pass a bill that gives the authority for a tax collector to verify insurance coverage when someone renews their car tag,” said House Insurance Chairman Gary Chism, R-Columbus. “Now, over at (Department of Revenue) they have a new tag and title system that will adapt well to real-time insurance verification. … Just like now you can’t get your tag renewed if you owe money on your garbage bill — If they do not have liability insurance, they cannot renew their tag.”

Mississippi has had a compulsory auto liability insurance law since 2000, but it has not been strongly enforced for much of its life. That is likely to change in July, regardless of whether lawmakers pass an auto-tag renewal law.

Clarion Ledger