STATE REP. CHRIS BROWN: Common ground on welfare reform

The debate between those who defend welfare entitlements and those who oppose the very concept of government handouts may seem irresolvable. But there is common ground both sides can support that will help individuals rise out of poverty, ensure those who need assistance receive it, and reduce the cost to taxpayers. This common ground is a concerted and intentional effort to remove fraud and abuse from our welfare programs, thus protecting Medicaid and Food Stamps (SNAP) for those who really need it.HB 1090, passed by the Mississippi House and sent to the Senate, would enact five commonsense reforms that a majority of Mississippi voters support:…

…These are popular reforms all across Mississippi. A 2016 poll of Mississippi voters shows 85 percent want ongoing eligibility verification; 80 percent want to prevent welfare benefits from being used for vice or luxury spending; 74 percent want asset tests; and 73 percent support work requirements for able-bodied adults without children.

We know that work transforms lives and families. Ultimately, HB 1090 is about encouraging people to escape the poverty trap that welfare can become and turn their lives around through education, job training and a career.

Daily Journal