Lawmakers examine Medicaid’s future

Lawmakers haven’t wasted their time out of session as it relates to Medicaid. That’s because Medicaid is up for reauthorization this year which will give them the chance to go through the inner workings of the program with a fine tooth comb.

“The biggest issue is making sure we’re doing initiatives that are focused on making sure people have quality and sustainable health care,” said Representative Jarvis Dortch (D). “And realizing that health insurance is an investment in our future. It isn’t a burden. It’s making sure we have a healthy population that can be a part of the workforce. ”

Dortch says managed care will likely be part of the cost discussions…

…Senator Terry Burton (R) doesn’t want costs to be the only focus of discussions.

“Not just costs, not just services, but those services what they cost and the ultimate outcome and that should be a healthy recipient,” Burton said.

But one item both lawmakers agreed on was being careful with the possibility of transferring all Medicaid eligibility responsibilities to DHS.