Legislator wants state’s universities out of ‘political’ NCAA

The forum, featuring Sens. Sean Tindell and Michael Watson and Reps. Doug McLeod and Scott DeLano, had been fairly tame with the four agreeing the Coast delegation was unified and prepared for a tough fight over BP funds; that some sort of education funding overhaul was inevitable; and that the state has to do something about its deteriorating roads and bridges.

But the religious-freedom question evoked strong emotions, particularly from McLeod, who represents Stone and George counties, who suggested it was time Mississippi’s universities break with the NCAA.

“I want our universities to break away from the NCAA,” he said. “It’s time. The NCAA is a political group that turns everything political.”

He said the NCAA was being hypocritical by taking away NCAA championship events from North Carolina because it passed a law prohibiting transgender males from using women’s restrooms but did nothing to Colorado when it legalized the “banned substance” marijuana.