At next week’s Presidential Inauguration, Representative Andy Gipson and Senator Joey Fillingane will represent the Mississippi House of Representatives and Mississippi Senate on Mississippi’s Presidential Inaugural Committee.
Gov. Phil Bryant reached out to the legislators this week to notify them of the honor.
“I look forward to being with you in Washington next week as we witness the dawn of a new era of freedom and opportunity in American history,” Bryant stated in a letter sent to the selected committee members.
Gipson said he feels humbled to be chosen for the opportunity.
“I am extremely honored and appreciative to Governor Bryant for allowing me to attend such a historic event in this capacity,” Gipson said. “I truly believe we have a unique opportunity to get this country back on track under the leadership of President-elect Trump, and I look forward to being a part of that.”
Senator Fillingane said he was pleased to be included.
“I’m proud that our country has chosen Donald J. Trump as its new president,” Fillingane said. “I worked very hard along with many of my fellow legislators and the governor to make sure that Mr. Trump was successful in Mississippi. I’m very excited to be a part of this historic moment in our nation’s history as we inaugurate President Trump.”
The Mississippi Presidential Inaugural Committee is comprised of state leaders who will travel to Washington D.C. next week to represent the state of Mississippi as President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office as President of the United States.