Representative Greg Holloway Op-Ed on Black Caucus Boycott


I am writing to you today in response to the recent interview by State Representative Sonya Williams Barnes on WJTV regarding the Black Caucus boycott of the Southern Legislative Conference as a means to protest the Mississippi state flag.

Members of the Black Caucus who will be attending the 71st Southern Legislative Conference in Biloxi, such as myself, agree with the call to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag. I find the symbol very offensive.

Contrary to the propaganda surrounding those of us in the Black Caucus who have chosen to forego the boycott, we are still one Caucus. Though we have two different approaches, we have one goal.

The purpose of the conference is to gather with state legislators from across the region to share and gain valuable information and knowledge to solve real problems in our respective states. Members of the Black Caucus who will be attending are honored to serve as legislative delegates and represent our state.

I believe that in order to make real positive change, we must have a seat at the table. Black Caucus members attending will make our protest about the flag known at the conference. I believe in confronting the issue head-on. So along with other black leaders, black volunteers, black organizations, and black entertainers participating in the conference, I will have my voice heard to better represent my constituents.

Representative Gregory Holloway
Mississippi House of Representatives, District 76