Upcoming session likely to start slow

At some point after that, the real process of trying to pass legislation will begin.

“I am tired of that. I don’t need to see another governor inaugurated or speaker sworn in,” said veteran Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville. “I have seen it nine times. I am not going to begrudge them basking in their glory. But 33 years have cooked my goose on that one. I will listen on public radio or something… I am turning into a old man, I guess.”

Outside of the ceremonial endeavors, Holland predicted the session would be a quiet one.

“It is going to be a typical session,” he said. “The budget and taxes, cutting them not raising them, are where the fights will be.

“Republicans have it all now. I am going to sit back and watch and raise unshirted … when I think they’re trying to go too far.”

Daily Journal