Parents of Sophia Myers react to call for environmental study

“Two is too many. One is too many. This is a very rare disease and if you look just not at DIPG, but you look at all the cancers in this area, particularly pediatric cancer, something’s not right,” said Angel Myers.

State Representative Hank Zuber posted on Facebook Friday that the state is looking into the matter.

“I spoke to, sent names, and contact information of the three families involved in Ocean Springs to the Executive Director of Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Gary Rickard, and also spoke to the Governor’s office. We discussed on a very preliminary basis of getting the ‘wheels in motion’ to see if there is a common cause and link, who else may have to be involved, and confirm that it is on their radar,” Zuber said in a statement.

Ocean Springs mayor Shea Dobson is committed to the study as well.