State Representative Jeff Smith Starts Campaign

State Representative Jeff Smith has started his campaign for re-election and also for election to Speaker of the House. Smith , who only lost the last Speaker race by a single vote, gathered some thoughts for me yesterday and sent them to me concerning the latest political going-ons involving the State Legislature and political jockeying statewide. Here is the content of the message in Jeff’s words;

“There seems to be more political activity with the Legislature, than actual Legislation. I have had a lot of activity with my announcing for Speaker, and have had a chance to be on state-wide radio twice. I have set up a ‘Facebook’ site at the request of several constituents and friends. My site is SmithForSpeaker on Facebook. I have had over 200 friends add me in less than a week. I keep getting comments from friends and individuals, concerning a group of Rogue Republicans, who seem to be intent on getting me an opponent. I have talked to Phil Bryant, Staffers of the Governor, Staff of Tate Reeves and others and we can’t understand why this going on, There appears to be a small group trying to get incumbents, opponents in North Mississippi. I am thankful for the people being contacted and their friends, letting me know.

The Columbus Packet