Metro area’s future linked to Jackson’s: Blount (State Sen. David Blount)

Most of us who live in Jackson are not asking for a handout. We are asking that Mississippi state government recognize (as other states have) that the success of the capital city is in everyone’s interest. Here is a reasonable plan that citizens of the state can support:

•Locate state agencies in the Capitol complex. This will save state taxpayers money (due to office consolidation and cheaper rent), provide more convenient access to citizens coming from around the state and bring more people to our downtown. State government should be located in the state capital, as established by the state constitution, especially when it saves money and focuses economic development.

•Help all cities (including Jackson) with infrastructure needs. This is especially important in Jackson since state government does not pay local taxes. All cities must make necessary repairs and upgrades to streets, water and sewer systems. A portion of any new revenue generated to support state highways and large “one-time” sources of revenue should be dedicated to urban infrastructure.