Today, state Senator David Parker released this statement:

“Since the passing of Congressman Alan Nunnelee, I have been diligently considering a run for Congress and the impact it would have on my family. I have consulted with the governor, lieutenant governor, fellow senators, local elected officials, friends and patients.”

“During this careful consideration, I have heard excitement about the direction DeSoto County and Mississippi are heading. Friends and patients told me my service in Jackson is making a difference. I feel God is leading me to continue to serve the state of Mississippi in the state Senate instead of making a run for service in Washington, DC. The peace I feel in this decision is strengthened in knowing I will not be pulled by time and distance from my family or the patients that I love dearly.”

“I know some who have asked me to run will find this disappointing, but I truly feel that at this time my family, my friends, my community and my patients need me to continue to serve as I do now.”

“Thank you for the hundreds of calls, e-mails and texts of support. I look forward to continuing to serve as your state Senator.”