Democrat state Sen. Hob Bryan appeared on SuperTalk’s Paul Gallo Show Monday morning.

Gallo began by asking Bryan if he intended to seek reelection in the next cycle. The state senator said he did intend to run again in 2019.

Bryan took an unprompted opportunity during the interview to defend the MAEP formula saying that given the 48% who voted in favor of changing the state constitution regarding Initiative 42 it could be assumed that the MAEP formula is good public policy with much support statewide.

Changes to MAEP could come in the 2016 session by the Republican controlled Legislature. Bryan’s defense of the education funding formula gives us a glimpse of how legislative Democrats will position their argument to counter these changes.

Gallo asked if Bryan would support a state flag change in the upcoming session. The state senator dodged the question, saying he would look at any legislation should it be filed.