State Sen. Hob Bryan: If I’m liberal, I’m in good company in Mississippi

Every time I have run for reelection, I’ve been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, either with an A or the rare A plus rating. I’m pro-life. Until the irresponsible tax legislation passed last session, I was the author of the largest tax cut in state history. In my last campaign, I was endorsed by just about every business group that was in the endorsing business.

But on Sunday, in a most gracious article in The Clarion-Ledger, I was described as a liberal….

…I don’t think most Mississippians support giving tax cuts to special interests while they have to pay their fair share of state taxes. I doubt they consider themselves liberals.

The people I run into day after day in my district expect the state to maintain our public roads and provide for public safety as a matter of course. They support public education. And certainly they think the state needs to make sure we have clean drinking water, that we dispose of sewage appropriately. I doubt they consider themselves liberals.

One final point: The Sunday article was nice enough to say I got along well with my colleagues. (I suspect they like me better on some days than on others.) Maybe that’s because I genuinely believe that all 174 of us legislators should play a part in the legislative process. Proposed laws should be debated in committee, and each member should have enough time to consider all the various arguments for and against legislation. We should have time to listen to each other’s points of view. Almost always it’s better to legislate slowly than quickly.

Clarion Ledger