State Sen. Horhn: ‘Do you know who I am?’ during DUI arrest

State Sen. John Horhn pleaded not guilty Monday to a DUI charge in a Jackson Municipal Court appearance behind closed doors.

Horhn’s trial date was set for July, according to a municipal court official.

Officials with the city prosecutor’s office referred inquiries to the city attorney’s office as to why Horhn’s case was behind closed doors when other citizens normally appear in open court. City Attorney Gail Lowry couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

State Sen. John Horhn said today that his situation won’t deter his effort to try to find a solution to the crime problem in Jackson.

“I believe crime is what’s on everyone’s mind,” Horhn said. “We had an excellent forum last week. I don’t tend to let my situation get in the way of the effort to deter crime in Jackson. I’m going to continue this forward.”

Clarion Ledger