Will LONGWITZ/A principal for a day

I recently served as “Principal for the Day” at Madison Middle School. Of course, I had no real “principal responsibilities.” But I did get to follow Head Principal Dee Walsh during her workday. She and her fellow administrators and teachers were gracious and generous with their time. Here’s some of what I saw.

One thing stands out at MMS: order. Practically every student walked the halls with focus and purpose. Administrators monitored intersections and the kids were well-behaved. We heard a respectful stream of “Hi, Ms. Walsh,” “Hello, Mr. Cofield” and “Hi, Ms. Phillips” (I even heard one “Hi, Will!”) as they passed.

Without exception, classroom activity was organized and on-point. Students in Sandra Jarrett’s Language Arts class were deeply engaged with subordinate clauses. That might not sound very fun, but Ms. Jarrett was delivering her lesson with such urgency and clarity that I almost felt compelled to start taking notes myself.

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