McDaniel disappointed wall funding removed from spending bill

Republican state senator Chris McDaniel, who ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2014, said he’s disappointed the funding was taken out and blames some of the members of his own party.
“It seems the establishment Republicans are caving on almost every issue imaginable,” McDaniel said. “We need good, conservative leadership in Washington to make sure that Trump’s promises are delivered. Trump wants to do this, he wants to deliver these promises, but now a Congress that is more resistant to him than ever before is saying no.”…

…He said the president needs more help from conservative lawmakers to get things done.     

“Obviously, it’s still very, very early and I want to see more accomplished, I want to see more done, but he’s fighting a tough battle as well,” McDaniel said. “It goes back to changing Congress, we have to send new senators and new Congressmen to Washington, D.C.”