The United Conservatives Fund, aka state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s self-promotion PAC, posted the following message on their Facebook page Saturday:

“Disappointing to see who is promoting Lt. Gov. Reeves. While we, at United Conservatives, are also thankful he did not allow a gas tax increase to come before the Senate it does not change the fact that during the first 5 years of his tenure he grew the size of government in MS by 26%.

“And while he did kill the bill to allow for internet sales tax collection he played games on the issue because the Dept. of Revenue alrady said they were going to take action even if the legisature didn’t approve it. Yet, when a bill was introduced by Sen. McDaniel that would have stopped DOR’s ability to collect internet sales tax Reeves killed that bill as well.

“What are your thoughts on this ‘Thank You Tour’ campaign for Lt. Gov. Reeves?”

This is in response to the ad campaign Americans for Prosperity announced this week thanking Lt. Gov. Reeves for “standing up for taxpayers amid pressure to raise taxes and continue wasteful spending.”

It is no secret Sen. McDaniel isn’t a fan of Lt. Gov. Reeves. With the state senator said to be considering a run for either US Senate in 2018 or Lt. Governor in 2019, to have an organization such as AFP commending Reeves surely upset the McDaniel apple cart amid his continued attempts at being viewed as the sole bearer of the conservative banner.

After being tagged in the comment section of the UCF post, AFP’s Russ Latino wrote:

“I’m not interested in internet chatter… I’m proud of what AFP has accomplished in the arena, between partnering with KidsFirst Mississippi to defeat Initiative 42, successfully leading the fight against a gas tax increase for two years running, successfully leading the fight against a legislative attempt to create an internet sales tax, pushing through an occupational licensing reform which national outlets have heralded as potentially landmark, working to end taxpayer handouts to Hollywood and supporting free market reforms that allow Uber and craft breweries to operate. We’re not just talking conservative. We’re accomplishing conservative things thanks to Mississippians who are actually taking action.”

When one weighs AFP’s rise and influence on the Mississippi political stage versus that of an established sitting state senator and his self-promotion PAC, Latino is right. AFP is in the fight and has a track record of legislative successes while McDaniel and UCF are throwing spitballs from the back bench hoping something, anything, sticks.