House speaker a critical vote

As the summer of 2010 comes to a close we turn our attention away from the sun and sand to focus on the beginning of a new school year and the excitement of a new football season. Another important subject which will be discussed, not only in Mississippi but across our nation, is the November congressional elections.

How will the new Congress handle such issues as the economy, unemployment and deficit spending? The answer to those questions begins with: Who will be the speaker of the United States House of Representatives?

The speaker of the House is one of the most important positions in Washington, yet more than 99 percent of voters have no direct vote in who holds this office. As the November election draws near, and with the future of so many elections uncertain -the issue of who the speaker of the House will be is a very important question.

The election of the speaker is the very first vote that every elected representative makes when a new Congress convenes. That vote will last for at least two years, but the impact of that vote could last much longer.

The speaker of the House determines the philosophical agenda that will be allowed to come before the House. Conversely, the speaker also sets the agenda for those issues on which members of the House will not be able to vote.

The next speaker will make determinations on how legislation is written as it relates to energy, health care and defense policies to name a few. With the knowledge of the political power the speaker will have in determining the direction of our country on so many issues, it is a worthwhile question to ask all of our congressional candidates: If we elect you, who do you plan to vote for speaker?

It crucial that each Congressional candidate be frank and truthful with the public about who they will support.

The answer, “I don’t know” simply won’t do. Our future is too important for us to remain in the dark.
Sen. Doug Davis

District 1 (DeSoto County)


State Senator Doug Davis (R)
Clarion Ledger Letter to the Editor