Steve Bannon is looking for retribution after Alabama win. And he’s recruiting.

Chris McDaniel, a GOP insurgent candidate who failed to topple incumbent Thad Cochran in 2014, is all but sure to challenge Wicker this time around.

“Last night was a huge win for the conservative movement, a great awakening,” McDaniel said in a statement provided to CNN. Moore’s win in Alabama “makes the 2018 race more compelling,” he added.

“It’s a continuation of the energy we felt in 2014,” McDaniel said. “And when the establishment stole our race in Mississippi utilizing the most despicable dirty tricks imaginable, it was a wake-up call for thousands. The people of this country are disgusted with the DC establishment and politicians like Mitch McConnell, and we are demanding real change. We’ve had enough of their games, lies and cowardice,” said McDaniel.

Bannon met with McDaniel in Alabama this week, according to a source familiar with the meeting.